Women Enjoying Success

Image of Sharon Micheals as she records her Women Enjoying Success video

Sharon Michaels, mentor to women in business, shares how she works with women who have chosen to successfully work for themselves.

Sharon’s mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.


My specialty: Working with women looking to start their own business, have just started a new business or are feeling “stuck” and want to grow their business to the next success level. I help you develop personal and professional success systems.

>>> I’ve been a business owner for 20+ years as a speaker, writer, mentor/coach and for 13 years as a leader in a large network marketing company.

>>> These last 15+ years I’ve worked with women who want to successfully own their own businesses. I found that at times, we could be our own biggest stumbling block. I saw certain patterns emerge in myself and other small business owners – some patterns were positive and some, quite frankly, were self-sabotaging. Most of these patterns, I realized were unconscious – they were almost ingrained from childhood and had become part of our daily habits, expectations and lifestyle.

>>> I am the Executive Producer and Host of my own radio show, Women Enjoying Success. I enjoy interviewing self-made successful women who are excited to share their own powerful success stories and strategies as a way to help us succeed and thrive in our own lives and careers. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Sharon-Michaels

>>> I also publish the empowering Ezine, Unlimited Success For Women delivered each week directly to your inbox. This Ezine allows me share real world personal and professional success strategies and how-to’s with you.

>>> I am the founder of the Facebook Group, and new blog, Women Who Want To Successfully Work For Themselves.

>>> Be sure to check out my new Success Store where you’ll find empowering downloadable personal and professional development success tools. You’ll find the store link up in the navigation bar.

I am so grateful for the stumbling blocks! This all began because I was tired of not succeeding the way I wanted to and I knew I could. My passion for empowering and mentoring women began taking shape when I discovered my own self-sabotaging stumbling blocks.

Now, and this is the best part, I get to share my discoveries with you on the radio and blog, in articles and books, on CD’s and videos, on tele-conferences and webinars, during one-on-one mentoring, home study e-courses and on my membership site. Thank you!

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