Sharon Michaels

“Empowering and mentoring women entrepreneurs to greater personal and professional success.”


I’ve been a business owner for over 25 years. I love being my own boss, but I realized that being in business for myself wasn’t like having a 9-5 job. No one was telling me when to work, giving me a specific task to complete or even showing me how to work day-to-day growing my business. It was pretty much hit or miss for a few years. I also found myself stressed and at times discouraged about not succeeding the way I knew I should or could and not truly understanding what was holding me back.

I am also grateful for the stumbling blocks. My speaking, coaching and writing career began because I was tired of not succeeding the way I wanted to and knew I could. My passion for empowering and mentoring women began taking shape when I discovered and learned how to overcome my own self-limiting stumbling blocks.

Now, and this is the best part, I get to share my discoveries with you on my radio shows, Women Enjoying Success and Entrepreneurial Women Radio, in my articles and blog posts including posts on, in my books available on, on tele-conferences and webinars, in live talks to women’s organizations, during my one-on-one coaching sessions, my Success Accountability programs, MasterMind groups and my numerous e-courses.

Today my business is dedicated to working with women who have chosen to successfully work for themselves. I teach women how to do business successfully.

I invite to come read my blog where I immediately share the newest self-empowering skills, Quick Video Success Tips, how-to’s and tips that I am uncovering and discovering throughout the week. This is the most up-to-the-minute way I can get new information to you!

Personally, I love reading fiction and nonfiction books. My favorite fiction author is Nora Roberts. I’d say my favorite nonfiction author is Og Mandino. I always look forward to traveling and spending quality relaxing time with my husband.