Social Media Mastery BootCamp for Women in Business

Beginner – Intermediate Level

This brand new step-by-step training reveals time-tested strategies and money making how-to’s for women in business who want to build a loyal following of customers, clients and prospects using the power of Social Media.

Sharon will work with you to:

  • Develop your own personalized Social Media marketing plan
  • Develop a consistent and reasonable Social Media time management system
  • Get your personalized Social Media marketing plan up and running
  • Feel comfortable and confident enjoying and using your Social Media site(s)
  • Focus on the most productive Social Media venues for growing your business


This four week (April 4 – 30, 2016) online BootCamp is ideal for the Social Media newbie, the seasoned user, or the woman entrepreneur who feels she is “dabbling” with the potential of Social Media and wants to know more.

The goal of Sharon’s Social Media Mastery BootCamp is to help you gain greater focus, confidence and consistency with your Social Media marketing and business-building efforts.

Social Media Truths:

=> You don’t have to be a Social Media expert to use Social Media wisely!
=> You don’t have to spend hours working Social Media to see business-building results!
=> You don’t have to be a computer expert to begin marketing with Social Media!


During Sharon’s 4 Week Social Media Mastery BootCamp she’ll share simple business-building systems, useful resources, time-saving checklists and step-by-step blueprints – all designed to build your business using the far-reaching power of Social Media.

Using Social Media doesn’t have to become a full time job – you can work Social Media very part time and still see business-building results.


If you are a:
Storefront owner
In direct sales / network marketing / MLM
Freelance writer
Workshop leader
Home-based business owner…

Who struggles with lack of Social Media skills and/or lack of Social Media confidence…
you need to enroll in Sharon’s Social Media Mastery BootCamp right now.


This is a work at your own pace BootCamp – you determine your level of commitment and activity! You work this BootCamp around your schedule!


Here’s what we’ll be covering in this four week April 4-30, 2016 Social Media Mastery BootCamp …


Week #1 – April 4, 2016 – Looking into Your Social Media Crystal Ball

1. Assessing where you are now with Social Media and deciding you what you want your Social Media to look like within the next 90 days.

2. Deciding what exactly you want Social Media to do for your business.

3. Developing a workable and motivating Social Media marketing plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

4. Enjoying daily support, suggestions and Social Media ideas posted on our private Facebook Group page.

We will have our first Group Coaching Call this week. All calls will be recorded and available on our private Facebook Group page so even if you cannot be on the “live” call, you won’t miss anything.


Weeks #2 and #3 – April 11 and April 18, 2016 – Choosing Two Social Media Venues to Master

1. Together you and Sharon will develop a “customized” Social Media plan of action for your business. You’ll learn how to make the top Social Media venues work successfully for you.

2. You’ll be exploring Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog Talk Radio, YouTube, Email Marketing, and Blogging.

3. Included is a one-on-one coaching session with Sharon Michaels to develop and implement your Social Media plan and fine-tune your Social Media skills. Sometime during these two weeks you’ll be scheduling a one-on-one Social Media coaching and planning session with Sharon.

4. Enjoy daily support, suggestions and Social Media ideas posted on our private Facebook Group page.


Week #4April 25, 2016 – Turning Social Media into a Consistent Money Making Activity

1. This is the week to write specific goals for the two Social Media venues you’re mastering. You’ll have a step-by-step goal setting worksheet and Social Media planning template to help map out your 90 day marketing plan.

2. You’ll develop a plan of action and a workable system for using your Social Media marketing and business-building time wisely. The key is using your valuable Social Media time wisely and not allowing yourself to become distracted.

3. Sharon will show you how to determine your ROI (Return on Investment) for the time you are spending with Social Media.

4. You’ll want to keep enjoying the daily support, suggestions and Social Media ideas posted on our private Facebook Group page.

5. We will have our second Group Coaching Call this week. All calls will be recorded and available on the Facebook Group page so even if you cannot be on the “live” call, you won’t miss anything.

Sharon’s 4 Week Social Media Mastery BootCamp for Women in Business Includes:

1. The ability to work at your own pace – you determine your level of commitment and involvement to your BootCamp experience. You work this BootCamp around your schedule!

2. A personal one-on-one Social Media coaching session call with Sharon to develop your unique Social Media style and plan. No matter where you are on Social Media right now – even if you are a beginner – you’ll learn how to’s for confidently working with Social Media

3. 2 Group Coaching calls to ask questions and network with the other women business owners – all calls will be recorded, so if you can’t be on the “live” call you won’t miss anything

4. Worksheets and hands on action steps for growing your Social Media presence plus daily support, suggestions and Social Media ideas posted on our private Facebook Group page.

5. Network, mastermind and interact with the other like-minded success-oriented women business owners in our private Facebook Group and on our Group Calls.

6. Getting your Social Media site(s) up and running effectively and efficiently!

One of the best things I’ve done is to partake in a Social Media BootCamp with Sharon Michaels. From her course, I started a business Facebook page and stuck to it.

My business page, BeautyWorks, focuses on skin and health issues. Most of my posts relate back to my products, but not all. But my posts were too long for Facebook, so Sharon suggested a blog! allows me to write stories about skincare, the industry, ingredients – good and bad, and why network marketing. These articles are then shared on my Facebook business page. I then share them on my personal page. I also use the same articles in my e-newsletters.”

Paula, Maryland

I am thoroughly enjoying “Making Success a Habit MasterMind” with Sharon Michaels. She really knows how to make you dig deep and find all of those road blocks that are holding you back form enjoying success! The way she explains the “Self Sabotage” is spot on and she has amazing methods on how to STOP the sabotage! Her visualization audio content is priceless! I have learned so much about myself over the last few weeks in the MasterMind, and I am finally doing something about it thanks to Sharon. She truly is EMPOWERING! She is easy to work with, easy to relate to and sincerely wants to help! She knows her stuff that’s for sure! I am looking forward to working with Sharon one-on-one in the future!

Chrystal Adams

Isn’t it time to overcome your Social Media excuses, frustration and confusion! Work with Sharon to gain greater Social Media self-confidence and use Social Media time and effort to grow your business.


If you are a woman business owner struggling with lack of Social Media confidence or feel you lack the skills to use Social Media the right way, sign up today for Sharon’s Online 4 Week Social Media Mastery BootCamp.


Note From Sharon:

Social Media as a powerful marketing tool is here to stay. As a woman in business isn’t it time to take full advantage of the power of Social Media?

Professionally, I’ve been using Social Media since 2009. I have to admit I was hesitant. I didn’t grow up using the Internet. If I wanted to meet someone in Iowa, I either had to make a long distance phone call or travel to Iowa. Now, we private message on Facebook, share pins on Pinterest or email each other instantly.

Today, Social Media is a huge part of my marketing plan. It has produced business opportunities I would never have known otherwise.

On a weekly basis I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Blog Talk Radio, I post on my different blogs, I guest blog for, I have Kindle e-books on and I have an e-newsletter I email out regularly. All these Social Media venues have helped me grow a successful business.

I don’t expect you to use all the Social Media venues I do. I’m using my marketing plan as an example and to make the point that I’ve learned to successfully use Social Media to grow my business. I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

If you’re not using Social Media effectively to grow your brand and your business, you are missing a huge opportunity to work smarter and not harder. Yes, there is a learning curve. Once you learn the basics, the rest will fall into place.


Come join my Social Media Mastery BootCamp – let’s have some fun growing your business. You’ll leave this BootCamp with greater Social Media self-confidence, a workable Social Media plan of action and the practical day-to-day tools to begin growing your business right now!


I’m looking forward to working with you,


What do you say – are you ready to join me?

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Empowering Women To Greater Personal

and Professional Success

I’m like many of you, I find it difficult to write an “About Me” page. After all, I was taught not to brag on myself and to take my accomplishments in stride. I remember in my younger days when someone would compliment or congratulate me I’d shrug it off with something like, “It’s no big deal – if I can do it anyone can do it.”

I guess I’ll begin at the beginning of my own personal and professional development journey because it all revolved around learning how to grow my healthy self-esteem. I believe healthy self-esteem is our greatest success tool. With healthy self-esteem comes self-confidence, a willingness to come out of our comfort zone and the ability to give ourselves permission to go for our dreams.

I’ve spent the last 25+ years not only working on nurturing my own self-esteem, but sharing my journey with the thousands of other women who work so hard to succeed and yet, seem to yank the rug of success out from under themselves. During the past years, one golden opportunity led to another and I found myself growing a home-based business – which, I quickly realized was very different from having a 9-5 job.

I started documenting my entrepreneurial journey – the challenges, the distractions and the day-to-day positive habits that produced moneymaking activities. I looked at my business-building journey from both the personal and professional aspects because I found it impossible to separate the two.

I have a background in teaching and in fact, I believe it is my gift. I have the ability to ask great questions so I can break down challenges into bite-sized solutions. I always wanted to be a teacher even as a little girl – I’d line up my dolls and teach them how to write the alphabet. As an only child, I could amuse myself for hours teaching my dolls. Now as an adult, I can amuse myself for hours creating books, articles, webinars, blogs and classes for women in business. There are times when I feel like life has come full circle.

I learned working for school districts that I didn’t make a good employee – I seem to be more of an independent thinker. Growing up, I was taught to go for a safe and secure job – a job that would give me a pension and life-long security. I believe those days of finding a safe and secure job are over – we women are in charge of making our own security. I also believe that working successfully for yourself is a great way to provide security for not only yourself but your family as well.

I love the teaching and mentoring – I love seeing women take what they are learning and turning it into successful moneymaking businesses. I work with women who work from home, women in network marketing and women who own storefront businesses. I work with women thinking about starting a business, have just started a business and women who have been in business for awhile but are feeling stuck and maybe even disenchanted.

I’m not going to kid you, I’ve made many mistakes learning the entrepreneurial ropes. I’m here to share what I’ve learned so you don’t have to waste your time, energy and money making the same mistakes. My professional mission and goal is to help pave your road to success with time saving and business-building success strategies.

Sharon Michaels

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