Creating a Focused, Fun and Profitable 2017

For Yourself and Your Business

3 Week Online Workshop

January 16 – February 4, 2017


Are you ready to make 2017 more focused, fun and profitable? There’s no better time than right now to start planning and implementing your 2017 hopes, dreams and goals.

When: 3 week online workshop – January 16 – February 4, 2017

Where: Online in our private Facebook Group. All done at your pace and in the comfort of your home. This is a work-at-your-own-pace workshop. Participants don’t need to be at a certain place at a certain time. This workshop revolves around your schedule!

What we’ll be covering: You’ll leave this workshop with “real world” strategies and how-to’s for growing yourself personally and professionally AND growing your business to greater profitability. Each day January 16 – February 4, 2017 there will be posted on our Facebook Group page a new how-to, strategy or suggestion you can use in your business immediately. You can put these “real world” concrete ideas into use immediately or save some of them for later. There will be one “live” Group Call to network, ask questions, share “aha’s” and mastermind with other workshop participants. It will be recorded and available on our workshop Facebook Group page.

Leave this workshop:

•    With your 2017 personal/professional Plan of Action.

•    With your 2017 personal/professional motivating goals that you’ll actually look forward to achieving.

•    With personal and professional activities and inspiration daily.

•    With your personalized 5 step goal setting worksheet

•    With a personalized time management worksheet

•    Knowing how to tap into your inner motivators

•    With a month-by-month business marketing plan worksheet

•    Developing your own social media planning worksheet

•    With a 5 Step empowering mission statement

•    With the empowering and effective leader worksheet and plan of action

•    Having a worksheet to help you write great blog posts

•    Learning to explain the value of your product/business in one sentence

•    With how to write a great Facebook post worksheet and template

•    Developing a checklist of money making activities you can accomplish within 15 minutes

•    Having resources to save you time, energy and money

•    Learning simple steps for developing daily success habits

•    With fun quiz and worksheet to pinpoint your self-limiting habits and behaviors

•    Developing a checklist of tips and techniques to ensure you keep the important things in your life and business the important    things in 2017

•    With the added confidence to go for your goals!

This 3 week online workshop isn’t just about learning new skills. It’s about applying the skills you’re learning to your life and business.

All of this and more delivered daily for three weeks on our secret Facebook page. This Facebook page will always be available to you. You may also download the daily activities, etc. to your device. Sharon will be available each day to answer questions and interact with you on our Group page.

Again, don’t feel or be overwhelmed by all the information we will be covering, you’ll have time to participate. This is a work-at-your-own-pace workshop and available to you 24/7. Work the workshop when you want – even if it is at 2:00 in the morning.

My suggestion is to share this workshop link with friends and team members – it’s always fun to have accountability buddies!

Who should register:

•    Women who work from home

•    Women authors and writers

•    Women in network marketing

•    Women looking to start a business in 2017

•    Women looking to reignite or jumpstart their business in 2017

•    Women feeling stuck in their career or business and want a plan

•    Women looking to network with like-minded success-oriented women

This entire workshop is conducted online and in a private Facebook Group. You’ll be able to ask questions, network with other like-minded success-oriented women in business and interact with each other to share ideas, thoughts and “aha’s.” Of course, there is always a surprise or two.

Even if you’ve taken a MasterMind or Workshop from Sharon Michaels previously, this one is updated, revised and contains brand new materials. PLUS, it’s the beginning of 2017 and a great way to jumpstart your New Year!

Here’s what past clients are saying!

Making Success a Habit MasterMind has done just that ~ I have made success a habit.  I like the positive influence that Sharon has made on both my personal and professional success.  I am able to incorporate the challenges set forth in this mastermind into my business and have increased my team building and my client sales.

Connie Johnson

Sharon Michaels is a master coach, mentor and educator.  Her experience and wisdom in leading her mastermind groups will take you to the next level to experience increased confidence and discovery of self sabotage behaviors so you can reach your goals and dreams.


Marilyn Sarno

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Empowering Women To Greater Personal

and Professional Success

I’m like many of you, I find it difficult to write an “About Me” page. After all, I was taught not to brag on myself and to take my accomplishments in stride. I remember in my younger days when someone would compliment or congratulate me I’d shrug it off with something like, “It’s no big deal - if I can do it anyone can do it.” I guess I’ll begin at the beginning of my own personal and professional development journey because it all revolved around learning how to grow my healthy self-esteem. I believe healthy self-esteem is our greatest success tool. With healthy self-esteem comes self-confidence, a willingness to come out of our comfort zone and the ability to give ourselves permission to go for our dreams.

I’ve spent the last 25+ years not only working on nurturing my own self-esteem, but sharing my journey with the thousands of other women who work so hard to succeed and yet, seem to yank the rug of success out from under themselves. During the past years, one golden opportunity led to another and I found myself growing a home-based business – which, I quickly realized was very different from having a 9-5 job. I started documenting my entrepreneurial journey – the challenges, the distractions and the day-to-day positive habits that produced moneymaking activities. I looked at my business-building journey from both the personal and professional aspects because I found it impossible to separate the two.

I have a background in teaching and in fact, I believe it is my gift. I have the ability to ask great questions so I can break down challenges into bite-sized solutions. I always wanted to be a teacher even as a little girl – I’d line up my dolls and teach them how to write the alphabet. As an only child, I could amuse myself for hours teaching my dolls. Now as an adult, I can amuse myself for hours creating books, articles, webinars, blogs and classes for women in business. There are times when I feel like life has come full circle.

I learned working for school districts that I didn’t make a good employee – I seem to be more of an independent thinker. Growing up, I was taught to go for a safe and secure job – a job that would give me a pension and life-long security. I believe those days of finding a safe and secure job are over – we women are in charge of making our own security. I also believe that working successfully for yourself is a great way to provide security for not only yourself but your family as well. I love the teaching and mentoring – I love seeing women take what they are learning and turning it into successful moneymaking businesses.

I work with women who work from home, women in network marketing and women who own storefront businesses. I work with women thinking about starting a business, have just started a business and women who have been in business for awhile but are feeling stuck and maybe even disenchanted. I’m not going to kid you, I’ve made many mistakes learning the entrepreneurial ropes. I’m here to share what I’ve learned so you don’t have to waste your time, energy and money making the same mistakes. My professional mission and goal is to help pave your road to success with time saving and business-building success strategies.

Sharon Michaels

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